Taking a Tour of the Historic Adelaide Oval

This iconic sports ground has been home to many historic sporting events over the years and offers plenty of fascinating stories to learn about on your trip. Let’s explore why the Adelaide Oval is such an important part of the city.

History of the Stadium

Adelaide Oval was originally built in 1871 and has since become one of Australia’s most iconic sporting venues. Since its inception, it has seen numerous cricket matches, Australian Football League (AFL) games, and international rugby matches take place within its grounds. It is also famous for hosting some of Australia’s most memorable concerts including The Rolling Stones, U2, and even Michael Jackson!

In 2013, after a major redevelopment project costing $535 million dollars, the stadium reopened with improved seating and modern facilities. Today it is still used as one of South Australia’s largest stadiums for AFL games as well as other professional sports such as cricket and football. Additionally, it is regularly used to host concerts and other large-scale events throughout the year.

Take A Tour Of The Stadium

Tours are available at Adelaide Oval every day from 10 am – 4 pm during which visitors can explore all areas of the stadium including dressing rooms, inner sanctum areas, players boxes, corporate suites and more! These guided tours will take you through more than 150 years of history with plenty of interesting facts about this iconic site along the way! Additionally, there are also specialised tours where you can learn more about specific parts of the stadium such as its architecture or cultural history.


If you’re looking for something fun to do in Adelaide that combines history with culture and sport then taking a tour at Adelaide Oval should definitely be on your list! Whether you are a sports fan or someone who simply enjoys exploring interesting sites around town this unique venue offers something exciting for everyone! Plus, don’t forget to bring your camera because there will be plenty of amazing sights to capture during your tour! So make sure you book your tickets today!

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