Discover the Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney, Australia

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a cultural oasis located in Sydney, Australia. Built to celebrate the close relationship between Australia and China, this garden is an excellent representation of traditional Chinese culture and architecture. Whether you are looking for a peaceful stroll through the gardens or just want to take in the stunning architecture, there is something for everyone at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Located on the edge of Darling Harbour, this beautiful garden was designed by Sydney’s own Chinese Sister City—Shenzhen. Its design was inspired by Suzhou’s classical gardens from Jiangsu province. As you explore the grounds, you will find intricate landscaping featuring ponds filled with lotus flowers and winding pathways that will bring you to different sections featuring pavilions and pagodas. Each area has its own unique charm and beauty.

The Pavilion of Remembrance serves as a reminder of friendship between Australia and China while also displaying educational information about their respective cultures. Here visitors can learn about both countries’ histories and how they have come together over time to form an ever-strengthening bond between two unique nations.

In addition to its scenic beauty, the gardens also host festivals throughout the year such as Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Australian Poetry Day and more. Visitors can also take part in traditional tea ceremonies or learn Tai Chi classes with experienced instructors onsite. There are plenty of events happening year-round so be sure to check out their calendar!


The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a beautiful oasis nestled near Darling Harbour in Sydney. It offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Chinese culture through its stunning architecture and landscaping as well as through various events hosted throughout the year such as festivals, tea ceremonies and Tai Chi classes. Whether you are looking for some peace and quiet or just want to immerse yourself in culture, be sure to visit this incredible destination!

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